Three educated “savages” holler from a bamboo tree

Alexandr Podvalny
Neodruid commons
*** Each morning, a missionary advertise with neon sign;
she tell the native population “ci-vi-li-za-tion” is fine. ***


(Civilization is a thing for me to see)

I look through a magazine a missionary’s spouse bury; I see how people who are ‘civilized’ wreck you with big SUV.
At the movies they have got to pay many coconuts to see un-civilized pictures that the media takes of me.


They hurry like savages to get aboard an iron train and although it’s smokey and it’s crowded, they’re too ‘civilized’ to complain.

When they’ve got two weeks vacation they hurry to vacation ground; they swim and they fish but that’s what I do all year ’round.


(I don’t want to leave the Congo)

I’m so happy in the jungle; I refuse to go!

Don’t want no bright-lights, false-teeth, door-bells, land-lords (I make it clear), pent-house, bath-tub, street-cars, taxis (noise in my ear), jail-house, shot-gun, fish-hooks, golf-clubs — I’ve got my spear.

They have things like the atom bomb; so I think I’ll stay where I am.


No matter how they coax me, I’ll stay right here.

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