Parma, Ohio tries to preserve green space, needs help from greater Ne-O region

Special Guest Contribution from Parma resident:

About a week ago, I received a letter from the West Creek Conservancy, a non-profit organization in Northeast Ohio that focuses on land and watershed conservation.  The letter requested help from residents of the area to raise funds for the demolition of the Parmadale Institute. 

The Parmadale Institute opened in 1925. It served as an orphanage for young children and later as a treatment facility for children with mental health problems.  After closing in 2009, the property has been neglected and has since deteriorated.  Once demolition is complete, the 80 acres of property will be turned into public parkland.

Public parkland provides many benefits to the community.  This initiative will protect 60 acres of forest and a half-mile of primary headwater streams. Also, residents of the area will have new recreational opportunities. The community is interested in installing mountain bike trails, all-purpose trails, play areas, a pavilion, and more.  In a move to preserve the local ecosystem, the park will be landscaped with native plants.  Rebooting this land presents opportunity to connect citizens with nature, increase local property value, and ultimately preserve green space.

There were 18 buildings originally on the property, but three remain. $450,000 is needed to complete the demolition.  Then, transformation efforts on Parmadale can begin.  West Creek has already raised $300,000 but needs to collect the remaining funds by June 28th, 2019.  If the goal is not met, West Creek loses the $300,000 along with the opportunity to demolish the buildings in a timely manner. 

If the community rallies together, West Creek will accomplish an admirable goal of restoring abandoned land, providing public green space, and elevating the lives of the people in Northeast Ohio.

If you are a resident of a community in the Greater Cleveland Metro area, or a supporter of local conservation efforts, please consider donating to the West Creek Conservancy [click to contribute].