’21 Observances

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Hidden Valley path
Madison, Ohio

12020 H.E.

[Year of the Rat]


12.21 Winter Solstice (solar new year)

12.26 Wren Day

12.29 Full Moon

12021-12030 H.E.

[Decade of Ecosystem Restoration]

12021 H.E.

[Year of the Ox]


1.28 Full Moon



2.02 Imbolc (Groundhog Day)

2.25 International Polar Bear Day

2.26 Full Moon



3.03 World Wildlife Day

3.08 International Women’s Day

3.20 Spring Equinox

3.21 International Day of Forests

3.22 World Water Day

3.27 Earth Hour (830p)

3.28 Full Moon



4.22 Earth Day

4.26 Full Moon

4.30 Arbor Day



5.02 DoLF Day (Ne-O’s Day of Last Frost)

5.08 World Migratory Bird Day

5.20 World Bee Day

5.21 Endangered Species Day

5.22 World Biodiversity Day

5.25 Full Moon



6.03 Bike-to-Work Day

6.05 World Environment Day

6.15 Global Wind Day

6.17 World Desert and Drought Day

6.20 Summer Solstice

6.24 Full Moon



7.11 World Population Day

7.23 Full Moon



8.21 National Honey Bee Day

8.21 Full Moon



9.16 International O-Zone Layer Day

9.18 World Cleanup Day

9.20 Full Moon

9.22 Autumnal Equinox



10.04 Francis Feast Day

10.04 World Habitat Day

10.11 Native Peoples Day

10.15 DoFF Day (Ne-O’s Day of First Frost)

10.19 Full Moon

10.31 Festival of the Dead



11.01 World Vegan Day

11.18 Full Moon

11.25 Harvest Feastival



12.05 International Soil Day

12.18 Full Moon

12.21 Winter Solstice (solar new year)

Note: H.E. = Human Era. Years in Holocene calendar format (not the common BC/AD numbering scheme), in which year 0 is approximately when humans first transitioned from hunter-gatherers to sedentary agricultural civilization at the beginning of the Holocene Epoch ten thousand years ago. For example, the current millenium started in the Gregorian calendar year 2000, which is Holocene calendar year 12000 (add exactly ten thousand years). Also, watch this video.

Note: Dates listed for Moons are of the night during which the moon is most full

[List of environmental dates]