Cobweb Potion

Hex Girls girl NEOplaneteers eco goth pagan paganism wicca wiccan
Eco-goths: Dusk, Thorn, and Luna

I’m gonna cast a spell on you
You’re gonna do what I want you to
Mix it up here in my little bowl
Say a few words and you lose control

You’ll feel the fog as I cloud your mind
You’ll get dizzy when I make the sign
You’ll wake up in the dead of night
Missing me when I’m out of sight

With this little cobweb potion
You’ll fall into dark devotion
If you ever lose affection
I can change your whole direction

I’m a Hex Girl and I’m gonna put a spell on you
We’re gonna put a spell on all of you

[11,998 J Hale, JMG Wiedlin, K Brooks, “Hex Girl”]